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Below you will find the labjournal entries of the different team members. If you are interested in the weekly achievements or the struggles each of us went through, click the buttons below!

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Team Notebook

In this notebook, you can see all the milestones of the complete Wageningen iGEM team.

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Anti CRISPR proteins

Here you can find the journal of Alex. He worked on controlling the repression of the phage genome with Anti CRISPR proteins. This gives us more control over the phage repression.

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Molecular Timer Kill Switch

In the notebook of Alba you can read all about her time building a kill switch based on a molecular timer.

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DSF Sensing Circuit

In Ben his labjournal, he detailed his journey to built a sensing circuit that could recognize X. fastidiosa's quorum sensing molecule DSF.

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Plant Immune Response

This is the notebook of Cleo. Here you can find more information on her journey from failed protein purification experiments to plant experiments. She worked on activating a plant immune response.

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Spatial Spread Model

Hetty modeled the spread of our Xylencer phage and X. fastidiosa to help us determine where and when to apply our therapy.

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Cell-Free Expression System

Marijns notebook discusses not only Cell-Free Expression Systems, used for phage engineering and protein production, but also more general phage engineering approaches.

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This is Niels his notebook. Here you can read about how Niels researched our detection device.

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Adhesion Protein Library

This is Roberts notebook. He built a protein library containing adhesion proteins that can bind to chitin.

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Yeast-based phage engineering

In Santi's notebook you can learn more about yeast-based phage engineering and other phage engineering methods to produce our Xylencer phage.

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Phage repression

This is Sebastiaans notebook, where you find information on the repression of phage genomes using both dead and active Cpf1.

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Pathogenicity Prediction

This is the journal of Dennie. Here you will find more information on the prediction of non-pathogenic bacteria. The outcome of this subproject motivated the decision on what bacterium to use as our phage delivery bacterium.