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We have tried hard to make Xylencer safe for both society and environment as well as the end-user. We have spoken about our project with many experts on both biosafety and biosecurity, to make Xylencer safe for society and the environment. We also presented at the “SafeChassis” biosafety workshop to have a dialogue with a whole array of stakeholders and experts in the field. We discussed the application of genetically modified organisms and their predicted possible impact in certain areas. We used these conversations to also discuss the social implications of our improved bacteriophage therapy. A detailed description of our findings can be found at the following pages:

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In our section on biosafety we discuss our risk assessment of the four pillars of Xylencer. Besides this, we focus on biocontainment strategies.

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For biosecurity, we discuss the definition of Dual-Use Research of Concern and the relationship with Xylencer.

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Lab Safety

In this section, we discuss the practices we implemented to make sure all our lab workers were safe.

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We joined a Safe-by-Design challenge hosted by the RIVM to learn how to incorporate safety in the design process. The final infographic that we made is incorporated here.

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Besides safety, we also discuss the ethical aspect of our technology. You can find more information on the Ethics page.