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Safe By Design

The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment had set up an assignment where Dutch iGEM teams were asked to actively think about their project in how they might contribute to a safe and sustainable world. The biggest challenge here is that you have to develop an application that can be used in real-life situations. This “Safe-by-Design” assignment is asking the teams to go further in their project design, but not only technically. The incorporation of opinions and expertise from experts in different fields is key in developing certain applications. So, Safe-by-Design is not only the technical safety in the lab, but it needs to be put into a more broad context, including moral, social and legal aspects.

The “Safe-by-Design” assignment consisted out of 4 parts, namely:

  1. Show that you thought about safety in different phases of your project.
  2. Show that Safe-by-Design has changed the design of the project.
  3. Took a look beyond the technical part.
  4. Incorporate stakeholder feedback, and how it might have changed your approach.

As a result, we have made an infographic resulting from this assignment (depicted below):

Our Safe-by-Design infographic.