Parts overview

This year, we've generated 5 basic parts and 3 composite parts. All of these new parts had been added to the iGEM registry.

Name Description Type
BBa_K2915100 AFP-lu1 6-His-Tag Basic part
BBa_K2915150 T7 promoter RBS AFP-lu1 6-His-Tag Composite part
BBa_K2915225 T7 promoter RBS TAL1 6-His-Tag Composite part
BBa_K2915275 T7 promoter RBS TAL2 6-His-Tag Composite part
BBa_K2915285 T7 promoter RBS TAL3 6-His-Tag Composite part
BBa_K2915300 NlaIII-metylase 6-His-Tag Basic part
BBa_K2915350 HhaI-methylase 6-His-Tag Basic part
BBa_K2915400 TolA3-CBD 6-His-Tag Basic part
BBa_K2915500 P3NI-Green chromoprotein 6-His-Tag Basic part