This program, which is developed based on the Wechat mini program, was applied to controlling and real-time monitoring the hardware parts. With this mini program, we can accomplish a remote control and storing the information we need automatically. The information will be provided to our users eventually.


Our users can enter the homepage simply by scanning the QR code. The homepage contains the main information about our program. Two tabbar icons below the homepage are for the Homepage and the Bluetooth.

Figure 1. Homepage.

Our users can tap the Bluetooth icon to connect to their bluetooth adaptor, then the bluetooth adaptor of the hardware will automatically be searched.

Figure 2. Bluetooth connection interface.

If our users tap the bluetooth device they need, it will jump to the hardware device controlling interface.
If it cannot be linked, there will be a false tag on the top right corner.

Figure 3. Connecting process interface.

If the connection of bluetooth is available (with a true tag on the top right corner), the controlling of the hardware can be realized by our users.


These icons are for the control of our hardware. Wechat mini program sends the order by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), meanwhile the interface would show the exact order.
Tap the Start recording icon and our hardware will let the smell in, and the E. coli cells will sense the exact smell.

Figure 4. Hardware controlling interface.

The View Status icon is for entering the monitoring interface. When our mobile devices and the monitoring parts share the same local area network, our users can check the monitoring video by inputting the monitoring parts connection IP.

Figure 5. (A) Monitoring inteface. (B) Real time monitoring image.

Tapping the Reproduce icon will access to the induction and reproduction of the smell that the hardware has sensed. And the Erase icon will reset the current reproduction genetic circuits, which makes the system ready for a new smell.


1. Bluetooth device should be available on the phone.

2. Smart phone devices should share the same local area network with our monitoring parts.

3. Click here to get the codes.