Team:Gunma Collaborations


Mentored by iGEM team GIFU_TOKAI

GIFU_TOKAI team fully mentored us all the time!! They're greatly skilled and passionated.

They always helped us in experiments and general questions about iGEM competition.

e.g.helping us understand what problem we have in our experiment with result,instructing how to write Safety Form,mentoring condition reviewing,correcting English,etc.

Also we note here: We appreciate that GIFU_TOKAI team favorably announced sponsorship information for all teams every time and constantly organized us.

Thank you GIFU_TOKAI!!!

They hosted iGEM Japan Meetup 2019, the first big meetup of iGEM teams in Japan,iGEM 2019.

Mentored by iGEM team Botchan Lab Tokyo

Just as all new teams in iGEM need help, we needed help from other more experienced and skilled teams. Team Botchan Lab Tokyo joined iGEM in 2017, two years before we did, thus they could share their knowledge about how iGEM works, and mentored us like an older brother.

They listened to what kind of struggles we were having in our project, general questions we had about iGEM, and our visions for human practice. They answered our questions the best they can, and we discussed via Skype, LINE and on Google document. It was very helpful that they patiently tried to figure out what we don't understand by listening to our problems and then gave us helpful advice on topics such as team management and project planning. In addition, they introduced several great wiki examples to help us build our wiki. We also appreciated their advice on how to successfully integrate human practice into the project for silver and gold medals. In return, we shared what we learned through crowdfunding, which we were very successful in.

We are incredibly lucky to be mentored by team Botchan Lab Tokyo and happy to create new connections across teams. Thank you so much team Botchan Lab Tokyo!!!

Summer Meetup hosted by team TokyoTech

We had a great time to know what project is going ahead aroud Japan.Thank you TokyoTech!!

Mentor iGEM team TJUSLS

Team TJUSLS contacted us to ask some experimental condition issues,and we provided the information we had. They conducted transformation in LB medium with wrong concentration of antibiotics,so we told that them probably they should prepare diluted one.