Team:Gunma/Human Practices

Team:Gunma Human Practices

Human Practices

Lecture about Gene literacy in Maebashi Girl's high school

60 high school girls participated in our lecture! We got 60+ nice questions after the lecture.

Equipment for DNA extraction experiment.

DNA extracted by kitchen detergent, contact lens solution, NaCl solution

Integrated Human Practice

7th Oct, 2019 Meeting the pioneer of Gene Literacy Education in Japan to get updated and advised about our experiments.

Prof. OTO is a researcher who is a pioneer of Gene Literacy Education in Japan. He mentioned to iGEM and Gene Literacy in his book we read. Since we have been interested in Gene Literacy after we started our crowdfunding, we decided to offer an interview to him. From our experience that we struggled to tell why our project is worth knowing to the public in our crowdfunding, and as we were strongly impressed that we need to make the best effort to be understood by the public as long as we need to be supported by them. All the researchers want people to be favorable and supportive with research. Thus we need to take action!

In the interview we asked many questions and he answered all plainly and clearly. We also introduced our project and asked him how we can make our project more understandable for everyone. He answered, "Make it visible". It was very important insight for us to decide to conduct characterization experience which is related to "visible" , means GFP. From this point, we also came up with building our cell-membrane toxic part with GFP and built it.

We note here that we agreed with the point that projects like our initial one, "E.coli that dies automatically after several times of division" could be very interesting for students and possibly be a nice education material in future.

OTO Michiei is an expert of Gene Literacy Education in JAPAN.

KITA Mizuki, the team leader of iGEM Gunma, represented us to interview him.