Aline is the team’s sporty girl. She cannot stay in place more than …. 5 seconds. With her, the life is Rock 'N' Roll. She was in charge of Human Practises with Nina, finance and some events too. Thank’s God she’s a team member. It’s the only crazy one we could run with in Boston (and not just after the bus).

Aline Morestin - Member

Before Antoine left us to cool down in Sweden (it’s true, Erasmus is suuuuuch a resting year), he used to work on our device. Passionate about trolling and acting, he is dedicated to movies he produces and jokes he tells. Sometimes, he manages to be funny. Sometimes.

Antoine Zerbib - Member

Promise you he’s a biologist, not a model! Addicted to caffeine, he’s a real dynamo and always has a joke to tell. He worked with Pauline on click-chemistry. Oh and by the way… he’s single and is looking for a pretty woman with strong personality (get your resume for the Jamboree).

Fahd Tibourtine - Member

If you’re currently navigating on this wonderful website, it’s thanks to Gaspard. While he performs in his dual degree in informatics and business he enjoys spending time with his friends in festival. He is the only one of the team who has already been to Boston: he’ll be our guide their so if we get lost and miss the Jamboree please reach him out.

Gaspard Debussche - Member

Hajar is our Moroccan student working on the hardware. Discreet and a little bit shy, she’s the best in mathematics.

Hajar Ajiyel - Member

Do not rely on his discretion... he won't have any qualms about turning you into a meme. He is the rational one of the team: he doesn’t speak a lot but when he does, it’s for good. He was Marine’s lab partner (although he prevented her from popping bubble wrap).

Lucas Pinero - Member

You have no idea what electricity is before you meet Marine. In the lab, she worked with Lucas on the shiny NanoLuc.
She also managed our goodies and some of our partnerships. Take care, you could mistake her with thunder when she runs…

Marine Rollo - Member

He is responsible for the festive atmosphere thanks to his playlist (the ‘80s and 2000s forever). Our future pharmacist worked on bacterial Two-Hybrid system with Melodie (and made beautiful drawings ;))

Marvin Jacquet - Member

When she was a child, she wanted to be a singer. The whole team agrees: she is a better biologist. She was responsible of Instagram communication and worked with Marvin in the lab.

Mélodie Dupré - Member

Take the fastest brain you’ve ever seen. Feed it with readings, add some awareness and kindness and here you have Nina. Enthusiastic and full of brand new ideas, her internship in Ipsos and her interest in ethics gave her strong background to work on Human Practices. Beside iGEM, she is a very good swimmer.

Nina Youssoufou - Member

In another life, she was a princess but she fell in love with science. Where she goes, everything is glitter and baby pink. She is also a great teammate and a super biologist! Her role was to get money and spare us trouble while her chemistry knowledge allowed her to work on aptamers and their click reaction.

Pauline Chevalier - Member

Pierre is dope. Pierre likes physics better than anything (including delicious arabic bakeries Fhad brought back...). He learnt Taekwondo during his teenage years in Spain and fell in love with turntables. If you either hear computing sound, laughs or electro mix well you know Pierre is around.

Pierre Bouvet - Member

Romain is the last little recruit of our team. He’s a 3D printing fan and takes lovely care of his kitten. In another life, Romain used to sell tea in his student organization: now he’s the tea dealer of the team.

Romain Bailly - Member

Claire Durmort is a teacher researcher at the University of Pharmacy. She works on pneumococcus at the IBS laboratory in Grenoble. She’s the lucky one who comes with us to Boston. (PS: save a champagne bottle at the Jamboree, it will be her birthday).

Claire Durmort - Instructor

Pierre Cavailles is a teacher researcher at the same University. He works on Toxoplasma gondii at the TIMC-IMAG laboratory in Grenoble. When he’s not with us in the lab (rarely), he’s on a tennis court. We didn’t take advantage of our summer but his southern accent made us travel to the beach.

Pierre Cavailles - Instructor

Audrey Legouellec is a teacher researcher at university of Pharmacy (we know, we aren't original). She works on experimental recombinant therapeutics at the TIMC-IMAG lab in Grenoble. She doesn’t like aptamers and offal but anyway, we still love her.

Audrey Le Gouellec - Instructor

The sweetest girl in Grenoble. She’s currently in her third year of thesis (keep calm, it’s the last!). When she has free time, you find her in swimming-pool or on a football stadium. She was a team member of iGEM Grenoble 2017.

Romy Rouzeau - Advisor

He’s a recent graduate in master’s of biotechnology. He was a team member of iGEM Grenoble 2017 too. He obtains 900ng when he has to do a plasmid extraction. He is passionate about biology.

Clément Caffaratti - Advisor