Results of iGEM Grenoble 2019 - NeuroDrop

At the iGEM 2019 closing ceremony we received the Gold Medal.

  1. We successfully registered for iGEM, had a great iGEM season and we will attend the Giant Jamboree with great enthusiasm.
  2. We have successfully documented and completed:
    • Our wiki, on which you are currently browsing.
    • Our poster, that you will discover at the Jamboree.
    • Our presentation, that we all invite you to attend.
    • The judging form.
  3. We made sure our project was conducted with safety by delivering safety forms.
  4. We completed our part page on the Registry part pages.
  5. We filled the Attribution page on the basis of the work achieved.
  6. We explained the way we found inspiration and described our project on our Project Description page.
  7. We characterized the BBa_J04450 by testing operon lactose promoter with or without cAMP and IPTG and measuring its answer thanks to RFP fluorescence. See more on our Characterization page.

  1. We created and characterized the BBa_K3128001 which is a reporter part containing the lactose promoter and the nanoluciferase gene and which work as expected. For more details: BBa_K3128001.
  2. We collaborated in different ways with iGEM Nantes. See more on Collaboration page.
  3. We led an in-depth and creative study to make sure our project is inclusive and responsible. See more on Human Practices page.

  1. We made sure to integrate solutions regarding legal, commercial, ethical issues raised by our project thanks to expert’s opinions and advice. See more on our Integrated Human Practices page.
  2. We improved the BACTH technique binding T18 and T25 domains of the adenylate cyclase (CyaA) from Bordetella pertussis to an outer protein called OmpX. We used two biobricks from the original BACTH system: BBa_K1638004 and BBa_K1638002. This improvement allows us to perfom an outer membrane BACTH assay instead of being limited to the cytosol. See more details on our Improve a Previous Part page.
  3. We successfully modeled our project. See more on our Model page.