Gantt Diagram

The Gantt diagram presents in detail the work we achieved throughout the year.


We also took part in two iGEM Meet-up. During these events, we had the chance to meet other iGEM team not only from France, but also from different places in Europe. We discovered other wonderful initiatives led by passionate students, we exchanged pieces of advice on our respective projects, we shared knowledge about synthetic biology. We also laughed a lot, and shared good time with people going through this same unique adventure!

Meet-up Poitiers

The French iGEM Meet-up was organized by iGEM Poitier, from 21th to 23th of June.

Meet-up Paris

We participated in the European iGEM Meet-Up in Paris, that took place the 26th and 27th of July 2019. The event was organized by the iGEM Paris teams: iGEM Pasteur, iGEM Saclay and iGEM Ionis.

International day of Parkinson disease

Interview at NRJ Radio

The 5th of September we were interviewed by NRJ, a French radio station with young audience. The journalist asked about our project, but also about our overall experience in the iGEM Competition. The aim was to spread the word about the Competition and synthetic biology, and introduce students to opportunities offered by taking part in such a project.

Science Festival in Grenoble

From the 10th to the 12th of October, we took part in the Science Festival on the University Campus of Grenoble Alpes and on the major scientific hub of Grenoble. During three days, we hold a stand to present our project and explain synthetic biology principles with fun and passion. We met curious primary school, college and high school students interested in science. Aware of discrepancies of level - you don’t explain DNA the same way to 7-year-old children and 17-year-old teenagers - we adapt our presentation and activities, so each of them can fully appreciate our discussion. It was a real pleasure to share our knowledge with this young public!

Midi Minatec

Medical research day - Biotechnologies forum

Every Friday, Minatech - a major scientific facility in Grenoble - is hosting conference during the lunch break. The subjects are diverse and address scientific, technical and economical matters. This event is accessible for everyone. As the building is located in closely to multiple scientific organizations, the event is popular and many people register every week. This was even true considering the fact that our presentation happened during the Science Festival.

The 11th october 2019, 400 people subscribed to be present at our conference. The public was mostly composed of scientists, teachers and students.

It was an amazing occasion to test some ideas we had for the Jamboree presentation. We had great feedback and interesting piece of advice for the last weeks before the competition.


On the 15th of July, 2019, Marine and Lucas finished the characterization of the BBa_J04450 biobrick and they took a look at the reporter gene of our system.

On the 30th of July, 2019 they finished the tests and the characterization of our reporter gene: BBa_K3128001.

On the 12th of July, 2019, Pauline finished the different tests on the aptamers.

On the 20th of August, 2019, Fahd finished the genetic construction essential for the verification of the membrane click.

The 30th of August, 2019, Marvin and Mélodie have completed the genetic construction essential for the two-hybrid tests.

The 22th of September, 2019, Fahd and Pauline finished the tests and were able to confirm the expression of the key proteins of the system and validated the click chemistry.

The 27th of September, 2019, Mélodie et Lucas were able to finish and validate the test of the bacterial two-hybrid.