NeuroDrop | Graphic Design

We are proud to introduce the Neurodrop Project graphic design.

Choosing the design of our project was a fluid and easy process for us, as we had relatively the same ideas on this matter. We took a month to find an exciting project matching everyone’s interests.
For the logo, the name, the slogan and the graphical charter, it was more like a serie of progressive choices following our immediate needs.

The Name

Our name was quickly found, almost unanimously.

A dozen of names were proposed by the team members. Neurodrop seemed to convince everyone. It highlights the link between neurosciences and the focus on tears that was important to us. It is short, striking and explicit. We loved it and still do!

The Logo

Logo N°1 | The Parkinson's Tulip.

By the same token, plus our will to focus on the Parkinson’s disease, we planned to use Parkinson’s symbol: the tulip.
We didn’t keep that part. But the form of the drop remained from the first days!

Parkinson's tulip logo
Parkinson's tulip logo
Logo N°2 | Our interests were focused on tears and neurodegenerative diseases.

As we narrowed down our proof of concept, the link between neurosciences and neurodegenerative diseases was the cornerstone of the Neurodrop. We wanted it to be illustrated by the logo. Multiple ideas were passing by…
The smartest of us pointed out that Neurodrop and neurodegenerative diseases both begin with an N: this idea has been recognized as its fair value and marked the history of our project.

Logo N°3 | The drop and the brain.

Sometimes, history takes surprising turns!
Thanks to our research and some external recommandations, it was possible to adapt our device to the detection of biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease. Consequently, we started imagining more generic logos without referring directly to Parkinson’s disease, meaning it is the end of the road for the tulip…
The team took a different direction, some of us were inspired and associated neurosciences with the brain image. Others found it slightly gross and an era of uncertainty begun. *Solemn tone again*

Brain logo
Parkinson's tulip logo
Logo N°4 | The rush and the final.

Shortly after that, it appeared that our device might be usable for wide diversity of applications, not only regarding neurodegenerative diseases. We looked for a generic and simple logo, suitable for very different contexts. The brain was a too-obvious reference to these ones.
Finally, we had to decide rapidly what logo was the right one, when we had to present the project for the first time. It was at a conference for the France Parkinson Association, and this opportunity forced us to take a final decision.

Here is the chosen one:
It is simple, elegant and... outstanding!

The Graphic Chart

Parkinson's tulip logo

We chose to present a medical device to the competition. The graphic chart was composed of neutral blue-oriented palette of colors. It makes sense to us to stay close to the traditional colors used on this sector.