Our Road To Boston

Our Journey

May - October 2018

Idea of participating in the iGEM Competition conceived. Serious contemplation on the realization of this endeavor ensues & first steps...

Jason, Sandra & Nick, probably somewhere in the middle of discussing about History, memes & iGEM

Fall 2018

It's a GO

First ever real-life meeting & creation of our e-mail! Panic starts to set in..!

First meeting, at Fani's place!

We were a tiny team back then <3 Sending our wishes to the 2018 hellenic delegations as they cross the Atlantic to compete.

Recruiting Jason M. into our team. Our first engineer & a strong asset!

Winter 2018

Interview time!

We interact with dozens of applicants during a weekend-long campaign.

10 - hour session to decide on the new recruits. We welcome Anastasios, Nikos & Marilena into our team!

Endless brainstorming meetings for months on-end...

4 projects to choose from

1. Synthetic haemoglobin
2. Biological solar panels
3. SynBio treatment approach for pancreatic cancer
4. Novel aptamer production method!


First meeting with iGEM Thessaly. We discuss about our progress, exchange intel and arrange our plans & collaborations for the year ahead!

Team - bonding after a meeting with scientists at the National Center for Research.

Out for chinese after a weekend meeting! The brainstorming never stops!

At the Technical University of Athens, just before meeting a potential PI. We didn't cooperate with her after all, FYI!

We' ve just killed two of our proposed topics.
Two to choose from: pancreatic Ca vs. aptamers!

Spring 2019

Spring is here!

Team photoshoot at the Biology Department & subsequent first article published on the second page of a national newspaper!

Inauguration of the Aptamers Hub, a transnational collaboration initiative that aims to facilitate aptamer research & bridge scientific communication!

Public engagement at the Athens Science Festival! iGEM Athens 2018 drops by to say hi :)

Talking about Synthetic Biology & doing career counseling to high-schoolers during the UNIque Days event at the National Technical University.

SynBio event at the Technical University followed by a team meeting and a break to witness a beautiful sunset..<3

Cafe Scientifique Athens

An attempt to make Synthetic Biology understood by the general public!

iGEM Athens convoy

On a roadtrip to meet potential sponsors of our project!

Expedition to Thessaloniki too co-host the first-ever SynBio roundtable in a SCHMS & meetup with iGEM Thessaloniki :)

Summer 2019

Skype meetings are a way of life...

Preparing for a long & tough summer ahead!

Special Wet Lab meeting atop the penthouse of a general hospital in the heart of Athens! Got to stay creative :)

iGEM Distribution Kit arrives! Team meetings & vines :)

It's Lab time!

First day in our Biology Laboratory! Day after the Greek Snap-Election. Let the summer begin!

Family photo

With our PIs & Advisors, after presenting our finalized work to them.

Summer days drifting away at the Biology Department :)

1st Greek iGEM Meetup

Road trip to Thessaly, the mythical region of Greece, for the weekend to attend the Greek iGEM Meetup!

We get acquainted with the other teams and their progress. Thank you iGEM Thessaly for this amazing weekend!

Intro to Synbio to the winners of the National Biology Olympiad!

Summer BBQ!

Celebrating Fani's birthday & closing ceremony of the lab for the summer (just for a couple of days!)

Last sunset of summer. Long winter ahead...

Fall 2019

Photoshoot for our wiki with the National Gardens as our backdrop!

Almost the entirety of our team: running experiments, planning consumables orders & setting up our Morbidostat...simultaneously!

Teaching life-science concepts to younglings! Avery positive experience :)

Our beloved team leader Nick, inspiring us to keep going <3 It was probably a T-posing Thursday and he was attempting to assert his dominance.

Wiki is born!

Last days at the lab. The iGEM dream is slowly yet fatefully coming to an end...Don't wake us up!

iGEM was a journey of transformation, knowledge & self-discovery. As the credits start to roll, I can only look back, 13 months ago when all of this started, and I juxtapose the present me to that person, only to realize that they’re two distinct entities.

And that I will be forever grateful for the things I learned, the people I met and the friends I grew closer with. iGEM 2019 may be in its final throes, but it will go on, through our thoughts,actions and our perpetual ventures in science.”