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InParis European Meetup

On July 26th and 27th 2019, we hosted « inParis » European Meetup in collaboration with the following iGEM teams: Evry Paris Saclay, Ionis Paris and Pasteur Paris. Located in the ESME engineer school, this two days event gathered 18 iGEM teams, more than hundred people from across Europe and special guests such as Randy Rettberg (iGEM President), Meagan Lizarazo (iGEM Vice President), Vinoo Selvarajah (Director of the Registry), Stijepovic Nemanja (European iGEM Ambassador), Thea Chrysostomou (European iGEM Ambassador) and Wright Will (European iGEM Ambassador).


Figure 1: : Randy Rettberg at the inParis meetup

Teams could present their project to other team as well as a judging committee for 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of questions. We were pleased to have 14 members of the judging committee: CHRYSOSTOMOU Thea, KNOLL Harold, LANDRAIN Thomas, LAPIERRE Clément, LEON Emline, LHERNOULD Thomas, LUBRANO Paul, SABETI AZAD Mahnaz, SARICA Nazim, SILVAIN Alexandra, SIVELLE Coline, STIJEPOVIC Nemanja, VUILLAUME Gabrielle and WRIGHT Will.


Poster session and workshops were also scheduled. To discuss less formally, a BBQ party was awaiting everyone. We were glad to see as many people attending our meet-up and we want to thank all the iGEM teams that came to share this moment with us. Thanks to Aalto-Helsinki, Bonn, EPFL, Grenoble-Alpes, Leiden, Montpellier, MSP-Maastricht, Nantes, Thessaly, TU_Darmstadt, TU_Delft, TU_Kaiserslautern, UCopenhagen and Wageningen_UR.


Figure 4: : Everyone

SynBio Gone Viral Meetup

In collaboration with the iGEM teams KU-Leuven and Aachen, we organized the Synbio Gone Viral meetup in Leuven (Belgium). This future-oriented event lasted from the 20th to the 21st of September 2019 with many keynote speakers: Dr. Vanessa La Pointe, Dr. Filip Delport, Dr. Tom Robinson, Dr. Win Van Hecke, Prof. Patrick Van Dijck, Dr. Rafael Galupa and Prof. Gerard Govers.

Poster session and project presentation were also part of the meetup. Teams had 20 minutes of speaking time, followed by 5 minutes of questions and advices from a judging committee. The iGEM team Copenhagen won the best presentation award with their project “Ovulaid” and GO Paris-Saclay won the best poster award.

Many workshops were available for the participants throughout the meetup such as “Sustainable Entrepreneurship” from iGEM KU-Leuven or “Presentation skills” from iGEM Potsdam, for example. Our team held a workshop about how to produce a short animated cartoon video to present an iGEM project.

To create strong bounds between iGEM teams, short games, a brewery tour and a party were scheduled. This meetup was a great opportunity to practice the presentation for the Giant Jamboree and we were thrilled to meet iGEMers that came to this meetup.


Figure 5: Everyone



2019 GO Paris Saclay Team

We are proud to present our project to all our IGEM friends :)