Team:GO Paris-Saclay/Collaboration/6picsChallenge



We collaborated with Vienna Team on an artistic project aiming to sum up iGEM projects in a 6-pic cartoons. It was a great opportunity to complete our popularization goal using art. That was a new challenge that forced us to rethink the way we tell our story/project.

So we tried to tell the essential information in 6 tiny boxes and to choose an iconic figure that would inform about the project without big phrases. So we decided to first show our primary interrogation about a DNA free cell and then answer it with our experiment achievements. We achieve it by showing the perspectives of our engineered machine.

With other teams’ work, they made up a book/magazine with many of synthetic biology stories. In return, they wrote haïkus to help us fulfill our international wall of haïkus. You will find it in the Haïkus part.

Here are our 6-pic cartoons:

GO_Paris-Saclay figure

Here is the final comic book

link : Six Pics Challeng Comic Book


2019 GO Paris Saclay Team

We are proud to present our project to all our IGEM friends :)