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Colony Pics Project

iGEM Marburg 2019 team used the fastest growing phototrophic organism as a chassis for synthetic biology and the iGEM community. Indeed, their chassis is the cyanobacterial strain Synechococcus elongatus UTEX 2973, with a doubling time of 90 min.

Our team participated in their colony picking project which consists in creating an artificial intelligence in order to make a colony picking bot. In fact, to improve their A.I., Marburg team needed to collect pictures of E. coli colonies on agar plates. Since our chassis is E. coli (strain KeioZ1 F’), we had a lot of colonies on agar plates in the lab. After taking photos of our plates, we used their web-based tool to label our pictures. For more information about how we performed the collaboration with iGEM Marburg 2019 team you can click on the following link:



2019 GO Paris Saclay Team

We are proud to present our project to all our IGEM friends :)