Team:GO Paris-Saclay/Awards





At the beginning of November 2019, our GO Paris-Saclay team presented the DNA free POETential project at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. We were very proud and glad to see the enthusiasm of the judges and iGEMers about our project. But also how positive their reactions were regarding our Haikus and how synthetic biology can be "less is more". Thus, by fulfilling all the requested iGEM criteria, we won the gold medal!



We were nominated for Best New Composite Part and for Best New Basic Part in the Overgrad category for our new Biobrick, the nuclease A1 from bacteriophage T5.

And we won the Best Model Award in the Overgrad category! This is the first year that the GO Paris-Saclay team has won an award.

Congratulations to all our teammates for making this project a great success. And thanks to everyone who contributed to the project, especially our advisors.



2019 GO Paris Saclay Team

We are proud to present our project to all our IGEM friends :)