Team:GO Paris-Saclay/Team



Let's meet the team

Here you'll find a introduction of the team members


The team leader, alias « The Godfather » of the laboratory !

The PCR expert, master of pipettes and centrifuges

A woman of actions recently expatriated, will she survive to the canadian winter?

She knows how to do EVERYTHING

Man in the shadow, a clever mathematician

Expert in microbiology, smiles and shines every time


Biologist and funny !

When everything collapse, she’s coming back like superman

Expert in Biochemistry, he was born in a laboratory

So busy, he has a minister’s schedule

She is always energetic and willing to help

Younger, and poet in her spare time

A true researcher: he can not go out without his computer !

The artist, woman of taste in this scientific world

True globetrotter, you'll find her in the USA, Costa Rica or in a laboratory in Orsay

Researcher in charge of a lot of administrative work of the team!

Always here when we need him

Takes care of us as her own children

Queen of phages

The boss, every time wearing a funny shirt



2019 GO Paris Saclay Team

We are proud to present our project to all our IGEM friends :)