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Part Collection


This year we generated a vast collection of parts which can be divided into two subgroups. On the one hand parts related to our kill switch system consisting of the CRISPR/Cas3 system and its regulators and on the other hand our collection of parts involved in the evaluation of different cell-penetrating peptides (CPP).

Our contributions to the iGEM registry can be used for diverse applications and will be beneficial for future projects. Not only did we contribute numerous valuable new parts, but we also combined existing features with our new parts. Our Cas3 part represents an important contribution to the collection, because CRISPR-technologies are researched worldwide. Furthermore, our CRISPR/Cas3-based kill-switch offers a new approach towards biocontainment and biosafety. It is unique in the registry, which fosters cutting edge science within iGEM. Our three regulatory systems allow for controlled expression of any gene and can be easily implemented into other projects. Additionally, our cell-penetrating peptide (CPP) collection contributes to the registry’s great diversity and provides a variety of functionally related parts to gain the best results. The great diversity and extent of our part collection clearly enriches the iGEM registry and will be of great benefit for future projects.

The individual parts of our collection are listed below and already divided into two subgroups.

Individual Parts

Table 1: Our individual parts.
Collection Name
CPP BBa_K3096019
6x His Tag
CPP BBa_K3096013
Penetratin - a cell penetrating peptide
CPP BBa_K3096010
YTA2 - cell penetrating peptide
CPP BBa_K3096015
pVEC - a cell penetrating peptide
CPP BBa_K3096016
Tat-LK15 - improved Cell penetrating peptide
CPP BBa_K3096017
SynB1 - cell penetrating peptide
CPP BBa_K3096023
GFP with linkers for fusion with His Tag and CPPs
CPP BBa_K3096026
YTA2 with His-tag and GFP
CPP BBa_K3096029
Tp10 Transportan 10 with His-tag and GFP
CPP BBa_K3096035
SynB1 with His-tag and GFP
CPP BBa_K3096036
pVec with His-tag and GFP
CPP BBa_K3096037
Penetratin with His-tag and GFP
CPP BBa_K3096038
Tat-LK15 with His-tag and GFP
Kill Switch BBa_K3096002
Kill Switch BBa_K3096005
constitutive FadR expression and regulated promoter
Kill Switch BBa_K3096008
NagC regulated Mnt repressor
Kill Switch BBa_K3096020
Constitutive nagC expression
Kill Switch BBa_K3096025
Mnt-RFP reporter for Mnt expression
Kill Switch BBa_K3096040
Temperature responsive repression system
Kill Switch BBa_K3096046
Fatty acid responsive repression system
Kill Switch BBa_K3096048
N-Acetyl-Glucosamin-6 phosphate regulated repression system
Kill Switch BBa_K3096051
CRISPR array that targets the genomic DNA of E. coli - expression controlled via the Mnt repressor
Kill Switch BBa_K3096053
CRISPR Array targeting the Plasmid DNA of the Exendin-4 expression system controlled by Lsr
Kill Switch BBa_K3096054
Cas3 Nuclease under the control of the AraC promoter pBAD
Kill Switch BBa_K3096055
Type I CRISPR/Cas system surveillance complex Cascade ABCDE under the control of the AraC promoter
Kill Switch BBa_K3096001
The Cas3 Nuclease is part of the Type I CRISPR/Cas system in E. coli
Kill Switch BBa_K3096006
NagC regulated promoter
Kill Switch BBa_K3096050
Kill Switch BBa_K3096014
CRISPR Array targeting Genomic E. coli DNA
Kill Switch BBa_K3096052
CRISPR Array targetting the Plasmid DNA of the glucose dependent
Kill Switch BBa_K3096007
Type I CRISPR/Cas system surveillance complex Cascade ABCDE
Kill Switch BBa_K3096018
NagC repressor