Team:SDU CHINA/Collaborations


       We have cooperated with many teams in a lot of aspects.

       At the beginning of our project, we went to China Ocean University to study and communicate with the members of the OUC-China team. OUC-China is an experienced team that has been involved in iGEM competition for 8 years. Our two teams introduced the project initiatives to each other, and they gave us many suggestions on team management, time schedules and so on.

       We also had exchanges and cooperation with the team from Ocean University of China in Human Practices and the hardware production. We experienced the mini-lab designed by them and put forward some suggestions. They also appreciated our hardware and gave us a lot of precious advice.

       The blue light components we use are from the UCAS-CHINA 2018 project. Last year, they performed a very good characterization of the components. This year, the UCAS-CHINA team helped us a lot in our plasmid construction, characterization and first-generation hardware production, and gave us a lot of advice about the use of light-controlled proteins. Besides, during the iGEM Chongqing exchange meeting, the UCAS-CHINA team actively helped us analyze and eliminate the problem in our data.

       We used a 12-well plate to characterize our components. Since it was not possible to avoid the mutual interference among the light of LEDs in the plate during the characterization, we could only test one illumination condition for each characterization. At ccic, SUSTech_Shenzhen showed us the 3D model of their hardware. In their hardware, they utilized opaque cylinders to control the angle of light emission and used different color filters to control the color of the LEDs in each hole. Besides, their team members gave us a detailed introduction to the principles of their hardware design, and made many constructive suggestions for our project. With their help, we completed our third generation hardware.