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SASTRA Thanjavur’s iGEM 2019 journey would not have been this ecstatic and fruitful, if such a diverse team had not been formed. The team is extremely indebted to our PIs, The APs, Dr. Ashok Palaniappan and Dr. Adline Princy (hope you got the reference) for their incessant advice and technical support. They tirelessly worked along with us to ensure that the work that was taken up got accomplished in the stipulated time. The following section enlists our team members whilst there are umpteen number of other important people who deserve our acknowledgement and appreciation for their help to our project, which could be found in our attributions page.
Dr. Ashok Palaniappan
Primary Principal Investigator

The turtle at the bottom holding everything together, making sure the whole adds up greater than the sum of the parts. In free time, gravitates to ponder the essence of Calvinist philosophy, "There's nothing to help a bad mood like spreading it around."

Dr. Adline Princy S.
Secondary Principal Investigator

I'm a Marine Biotechnologist by training and quite fascinated to understand and manipulate the linguistic communication (Quorum Sensing- QS) and social intelligence of bacterial pathogens. My laboratory investigates mechanisms of virulence in MDR’s with the goal of developing anti-virulence treatment options- a way to overcome drug resistance. I am 16 years old with my credentials from national/international agencies identified novel QS- inhibitors and produced 5 Ph.Ds and 1 Post Doc till now.

Hema B.

Love exploring Microbes and Music. Rest is all ukiyo!

Sangeetha M.

I am a keen observer and a self motivated person with good analytical and problem solving skills. " Be Calm, Crazy, Keep Smiling, Love and Live it up Forever" the rule which i follow.

Hands of the King
Priyannth R.S.
Student Team Leader
Member - House of Modelling

Atoms, Molecules, Quantum Mechanics and Cosmology excite me! As how uncertainty is key to Quantum Mechanics, I would like to be one "uncertain"ly interesting Team Leader for my team.

Shivaramakrishna S.
Student Team Leader
Member - House of Software

"At the wonderful intersection of CS and biology. Star Wars aficionado, with a weird skill set that includes horseback riding. I dabble a bit and read quirky things on minimalist design."

The House of Software
Srivathsan S.
Design and Web Development Head

A polymath with a particular proclivity towards Moazart, Mathematics and Memes. I believe I embody the quintessence of a geek and a nerd through my frequent existential crisises due to astronomy and quantum mechanics.

Thamarai Selvi

A budding bioinformaticist, who finds the amalgamation of biology and computer science intriguing. Books are my haven and food is my happy place. The surroundings fascinate me and I end up spending long hours basking in it. But, I ain't antisocial, I am just genome friendly!

The House of Wetlab
Uttara J.
Head - House of Wetlab

If you see a tiny, excited person with a book in her hand, jamming to 90's music, then you've found me- Uttara - an ambitious third year Biotechnology student. Knowing that the future is currently in the hands of my generation, I believe that it is our prerogative to open up doors in the field of science to create a positive change in the society. It's these kinds of things that help me get up every morning. And coffee, of course.

Pooja Dharmambal M.

Enthusiastic about memes and music, this watermelon connoisseur also plays basketball while not playing scientist in the Biotech lab. I tend to be aesthetic about M.A.D. (Music, Art and Dance)

Navaneeth S.

I am the shortest guy in any room. I believe that innovation is the door that is opened with the key of science. When I’m not cuddling puppies or performing in a rock concert in my mind palace, I think about strategies that could address global epidemics and the purpose of human existence.

Smriti Suresh
Human Practices and Public Engagement Head

Everyone knows me as the really tall girl who's very easy to spot in a crowd. I'm a very observant person and I notice the tiniest details everywhere. I like it when everything around me is clean and organized. I love talking to people. Science has always fascinated me and I can't wait to contribute to the field.

Deeptha G.

I am a chronically early person and I spend half my lifetime waiting for other people to show up. On Saturday nights you can find me bingeing on Game of Thrones or Star Wars for the billionth time.That's all there is to know about me. Oh also, May the Force be with you!

The House Of Sensors
Vishal Kannan
Head - House of Sensors

Trying to study complex dynamics experienced by a simple system.

Hariprasad K.

Tech enthusiast, wanderlust, photography, anything and everything related to neuroscience, otherwise, just a city kid with above average excitement levels to do something new and interesting everyday...

Karunya V.

Pursuing my degree in Medical Nanotechnology. I'll be involved in wet lab studies with my team mates. Following one policy in life "Never regret", so basically living my life by just doing what I want and love. In true love with mitochondria. Always wondering about endosymbiotic theory and interesed in history as well.

Bavithra I.

I believe in the sayings of Albert Einstein that "If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn’t be called research".So let's do some magic and bring out the best possible answer for nature's queries.

The House of Modelling
Raghavv Raghavender Suresh

A chemistry enthusiast, who can't cloister conformation only to chemistry since their tendency to embrace changes in response to the surroundings is a sublime suggestions in my life.

Swetha N.

I am mostly the quietest girl in the room until you get to know me! I am very much fascinated by Evolutionary biology, where I love reading and debating new hypotheses and theories. I hope on answering questions in this field through Systems Biology.

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