Team:SASTRA Thanjavur/Judging

  • The House of Toeholds - registered, had an incredible iGEM season and geared up for its maiden Giant Jamboree experience!
  • Wiki - done and dusted, just at the right time!
  • Poster and Presentation - We will present at the iGEM 2019 Giant Jamboree at the Hynes Convention Center in front of our judges! Fingers crossed, as we’re doing this for the first time! Your valuable feedback will be much appreciated!
  • We characterized part BBa_K608011, a constitutive medium strength promoter, for the effect of pH on its strength.
  • Attributions - We have clearly and exhaustively thanked every single individual or organization associated with our project and hope to further grow under their guidance!
  • Parts registry - We have added two part collections to the Registry of Standard Biological Parts!
  • We have characterized a Biobrick designed completely by us. Check it out here!
  • We have come up with a synthetic biology magazine called “primers”, meant to provide a, you guessed it, primer to synthetic biology for the non-biologist, by collaborating with other iGEM teams.Check out the very first edition for the year!
  • SynBio was fun? Yes, it was, thanks to our fun filled public engagement sessions and productive meetups with our target audience!
  • Modelling - We focused on modelling our project in great detail, starting from the biomarker panel development using survival curve analysis,  predictive modelling through machine learning that aided in our second generation toehold switch design, reaction kinetics modelling. We realize we still have a long way to go, but we’re definitely seeking to improve on our in silico analysis!
  • Integrated Human Practices - We reached out to the stakeholders of our project, including various women non-governmental organizations and self-help groups, and discussed the technical and societal feasibility and efficacy of our project with medical oncologists and other field experts!
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