Printing and dyeing industry is one of the most important industries of our hometown, Hangzhou. However, the producing wastewater containing Azo dyes has become one of the major sources of pollution, which is not only destructive to local ecosystem but also toxic and harmful to human health. In this project, we aim to construct engineered E. coli-based system to treat the Azo dye containing industrial wastewater. Two azoreductase (Azr, AzoR) and two laccase (CotA and ScLac) were transformed into E. coli for decoloration and detoxification of azo dyes specifically. Our results show that the laccases have very good performance in decolorization of Reactive Red. Thus, the laccase might be a promising candidate system for the biological treatment of industrial dye wastewaters. We expect that through our efforts, we can provide a practically convenient, clean and economical method to degrade azo dyes safely and improve the water quality environment of our hometown.

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