Basic parts

Part number Name Type Function Length
BBa_K3034000 CrpP Coding Ciprofloxacin-modifying enzyme(Phosphotransferase) 198bp
BBa_K3034001 LuxI Coding Acyl-homoserine-lactone synthase 630bp
BBa_K3034002 LuxR Coding Transcriptional activator protein 756bp
BBa_K3034003 PLuxR Translational units Transcriptional regulatory component 55bp
BBa_K3034004 Lysep3-D8 Coding Lysin protein 834bp
BBa_K3034005 PtisAB Translational units Transcriptional regulatory component 315bp
BBa_K3034006 qnrS1 Coding Quinolone resistance pentapeptide repeat protein 657bp

Parts contribution

This year, we conducted a series of experiment for the two basic parts, BBa_K1930004 and BBa_K2556051. We have made some changes to BBa_K1930004 to give it better ciprofloxacin resistance, and we replaced the BBa_K2556051 with different chassis creatures to verify its cracking function.

Part number Source
BBa_K1930004 iGEM16_Groningen
BBa_K2556051 iGEM18_ZJUT-China
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