We combined modeling with experiments and human practice to make contributions to our project. For experiments, we established quorum sensing model and degradation optimization model. For human practice, we established the device layout model.

Quorum sensing model
To further understand, predict, and control the behavior of engineered microbial quorum sensing, we modeled the quorum sensing based on the entire process of CrpP enzyme's production and degradation.

The model involves a wide range of biological and physical processes, such as diffusion, binding and so on. Through the establishment and solution of differential equations, we have used this model to predict the connection between the production of CrpP enzyme and the concentration of external AHL, which can help us find the optimal ratio of the detection bacteria and the degrading bacteria in order to save the cost of the device by using a smaller number of engineered bacteria to achieve greater CrpP production.
Degradation optimization model
To further optimize our experiments, we found the factors affecting the degradation rate from papers. We designed a scheme which used the Plackett-Burman design to screen factors. We can get the key factors through experiments in the future. The Box-Behnken design will be used in the experimental design. According to the future experimental results, the response surface equation can be obtained. Then, we can find the optimal external influence factors (eg. PH, temperature) and increase the degradation rate to optimize our experiment. At present, we are working hard to get the experimental data. In the future, we will use our scheme to optimize our experiment and adjust our model with experimental data.
Device layout optimization model

We combined modeling with human practice and established the layout model of devices to provide a solution for human practice. As we all know, for convenience, people hope to discard expired drugs while discarding garbage. So placing the device and the trash can as close as possible can increase the possibility of drugs recycling. Due to the expect that changing current situation of unscientific placement of trash cans, we carried out the layout of the trash cans by using the multi-objective programming model, and then worked out the layout of the device. Finally, we achieved our goal to use a minimum number of devices but the highest efficiency of drugs recycling.

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