In order to achieve the application of our engineered bacteria in practise, we designed the expired drugs recycling and degrading device (Drug Avenger) and the fluorescence detection device.

Expired drugs recycling and degrading device (Drug Avenger) was used to recycle expired drugs. The modular design allowed for the recovery of three types of drugs. Fig. 2. and animation show the design and theoretical ideas.


Fig. 1. Expired drugs recycling and degrading device named Drug Avenger


Fig. 2. Print of the function module

In this project,the fluorescence detection device was used to specifically detect the CIP concentration, and it was assembled by a switching power supply, water pumps, acquisition card, photodetector, and an external device.

Fig. 3. The fluorescence detection device

Device iteration

In the development process of hardware, our detection device module had been updated three iderations, and finally the third generation version was designed and realized.

logoFirst generation device

The first generation of detection modules consists of photodetectors, laser sources, STM32 Development board, pumps, filters, lenses, and external devices. The collected beam was vertical with the incident beam.

Fig. 4. Light path of the first generation device

logoSecond generation device

After discussing with several professiors, we found that the first-generation device was not efficient in fluorescence excitation, and some details were unreasonable ,it can not meet the requirements and cost of 3D printing technology.So the second-generation device optimized the optical path based on the first-generation device in which no transparent parts were needed. The measuement angle was fixed at 45° angle to enhance fluorescence excitation efficiency.

Fig. 5. Light path of the second generation device

logoThird generation device

We tried the second generation device and found that it was not stable enough to detect the weak fluorescence. Under the guidance of Dr.Gul, we improved the original device in the fixation of the engineering bacteria, and designed the funnel-shaped groove, which was conducive to the accumulation of engineering bacteria and also improve the stability of the detection fluorescent signal.

Fig. 6. The funnel-shaped groove of the third generation device

Finally, we designed the expired drugs recycling and degrading device and fluorescence detection device based on the third generation of detection module devices. More detailed information can be available by clicking.

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Expired drugs recycling and degrading device
Fluorescence detection devices
Open source
In order to make other teams understand it easily and improve hardware together, we share important parameters, 3D models and acquisition software below.
Input Output Size Wavelength Chip Power Aperture Cut-On Wavelength focal length diameter ADC
Photodetector Silicon-based avalanche diode 200~1000nm
Laser 450nm 4.8mw
Development board 12V STM32F103C8T6 ADS1256
Relay 12V Four-way optocoupler isolation
Water pump 5V
Filter membrane 0.22μm
Switching power supply 220V/110V 12V/5V
optical filter 500nm
Convex lens 25mm 1 inch


We plan to develop more functional module based on the design and theoretical ideas. We also hope to optimize the design detection module to get more stable and efficient signals. We also aim to reduce the cost of this device.

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