Food allergy survey

For our project, we wanted more information on the impact of food allergens around the world. To do this, we distributed a survey to the iGEM teams. We would like to thank the teams who responded: UCopenhagen, NTU-Singapore, TU Eindhoven, NYMU-Taipei, UCPH, GIFU_TOKAI, iGEM IONIS Paris, EPFL, iGEM Montpellier, Stony Brook University iGEM, iGEM Sorbonne Université, iGEM Athens, Northwestern, USP-Brazil, iGEM Grenoble, UANL, UCL iGEM, Virginia iGEM, iGEM Costa Rica, iGEM Bielefeld CeBiTec, iGEM UANL, Hamburg, Aboa, Lund, Lubbock_TTU, Sheffield iGEM, iGEM Poitiers, Nottingham, ULaval, UBC iGEM, KCL_UK, ETH Zurich, iGEM Moscow, CCU_Taiwan, iGEM Marburg, WLC-Milwaukee, iGEM Thessaloniki, FAU_Erlangen, Macquarie_Australia, Sydney, Uppsala University, NYU New York, UZurich, iGEM Saint-Joseph, CPU_CHINA, iGEM VIT Vellore, OUC-China, UiOslo Norway, IISER Kolkata, Ottawa iGEM.

iGEM teams surveys

Special thanks to iGEM Moscow, iGEM Costarica, iGEM Nottingham, iGEM UVA, iGEM Copenhague, iGEM Montpelier, iGEM Eindhoven, iGEM NCKU, iGEM Düsseldorf, iGEM UiOslo, iGEM UFSCar for creating the interesting surveys about their projects in which our team was participating.

AptaWorld: iGEM Aptamers Hub initiative

Thanks to the initiative of iGEM Athens team, the iGEM Aptamers Hub was created. The goal is to create a database that contains information on aptamers and their uses as well as trying to create a toolbox for the wet and dry lab, reorganize aptamer-related parts in the registry and promote all aptamers subject! For this collaboration, we created a description of Aptazymes (which is a very specific system we used in our project) and wrote a short description of our project for the registry. We also did Skype meetings with the others teams, and always answered scientific questions to help other teams. It was very interesting and we hope that the IGEM Aptamers Hub will be here and be growing every year! We would like to do special thanks to iGEM Madrid for working hard on creating a first aptamer registry

Colony Picking Collaboration

The iGEM Marburg team has created a collaboration called "The colony project". The purpose of this collaboration is to compile a large database of pictures of E. coli colonies on agar plates to train an AI. We sent them our colonies pictures and we hope it served them well.

Attending to meet-up

iGEM Collaboration Meet-UP

We were invited to the iGEM collaboration meet-up organized by the iGEM Erlangen team on May 4, 2018. Three of our team members (Kateryna, Lisa, and Yasmine) went to Erlangen to support the project. After a good breakfast offered by the organizers, we attended oral presentations of the key speakers invited by Erlangen team. We presented a Poster and got feedbacks from the other teams. It was a great opportunity to improve our project and have new ideas. Lunch break gave us the ability to meet and discuss with the other iGEM team members and with one of the speaker. We also attended workshops, we discussed and exchanged about diversified and interesting subjects (Deep Learning, How to write a wiki, etc.). We were able to meet and discuss more thanks to a workshop organized in small groups. We also participated in a speed-dating with the other teams to discuss diverse types of collaborations. At night, we met to continue to share and exchange our experiences as iGEMers. We had the pleasure to win the "best poster" prize and a voucher for 80€ at Carl Roth company! We were very happy to come back to Strasbourg with this victory!

After the meet-up, iGEM Erlangen presented our project in their university. Big thanks to them for this generous initiative.

French iGEM Meet-Up

The French iGEM meeting organized by the iGEM Poitiers team took place on the 22nd of June. The organizers welcomed two of our members (Kateryna and Lorraine). We had the opportunity to present our poster to the other teams and discuss the further continuation of our project. This allowed us to get feedback on our project strategy and experimental approach. We also met french teams for the first time and learned more about the advancement of their iGEM project. Moreover, we decided to participate in the iGEM Art Exposition organized by the iGEM Nantes team. After the poster session, we shared a convivial moment on the beach of Saint Cyr Lake followed by an evening party with few drinks and friends from various iGEM teams. It was a great meet-up with nice and interesting people.

Generation Y : Social Network Life

All the members of the team are part of Generation Y, the children of the new millennia with a new vision of work and life. We are among those who want to be fulfilled both in personally and professionally life. We are children born with new technology information. In this context, it seemed necessary and legitimate for us to anchor our project on social networks and to carry out popularizations and collaborations at this level to reach as many people as possible on our project, on synthetic biology and also about the incredible adventure that iGEM represents!

iGEM Instagram Challenge by iGEM Stony Brook

Our team took part in a one-week Instagram challenge! The goal of this collaboration was to promote the unity between all iGEM teams and to increase the internet footprint of iGEM teams through an everyday posting of photos or videos linked by the same topic. For the first time, we introduced our project with funny short comics, and our team spent a good time creating meme and AgarArt. Also, we did a wonderful picture of all our team outside our lab. As you know, there are in science some failure days so we had to share one of our labfails. We had a lot of fun for the two last posts for which we did #makeittheiGEMway and #Shenanigans. It was very funny and interesting to see the creativity of the other participants. This collaboration was also very helpful to promote the first iGEM Strasbourg team on social media. Thanks to Stony Brook iGEM which organized this collaboration!

iGEMxSDGs challenge (Promotion of Sustainable Development Goals !)

This collaboration was organized by TAS Taipei iGEM , Costa Rica iGEM and Tuebingen iGEM. This challenge aims to promote the Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations. Our team chose the maldistribution of worldwide resources, the good health, and the well-being of people. As many other iGEM teams, we are also worried about the quality of education and teaching methods, especially in primary school. It encouraged us to thought a lot on a responsible use of our detection kit for reducing the consumption and production! We also subscribe to the SDGs online conference held on September 14th!

Art Collaboration

Science and Art are two fields with many similarities. They allow us to express our imagination and creativity through different techniques and go further to transcribe our ideas into reality. Art is appreciated and understood by the general public, while science can seem complex and inaccessible to everyone. Our team is very involved in its commitment to the general public and the importance of scientific popularization. This is why we participated in artistic collaborations that we invite you to find below:

Postcard Project

As we know, iGEM is not only about our projects, but also about how the public sees Synthetic Biology. For being a part of an international public engagement we participated in the Postcards Collaboration of Dusseldorf iGEM. Their goal is to promote synthetic biology by using self-designed postcards. We designed two postcards for this collaboration related to the fight against allergens in foods, but also three others cards to use them as part of our communication. We shared them with students and professionals and gave them to all people whom we discussed with on our project. It was very interesting, and we saw every time that when we gave them a postcard they were very happy and interested in our project and synthetic biology in general.

iGEM Art Exposition

This year, Nantes iGEM was hosting an Art Exposition and proposed to all iGEM Teams to participate by creating an art production. Their goal was to express Synthetic Biology and the position of Humans in this field. We loved the idea, so we shared with them a banner, that expresses the position of Humans in Synthetic Biology. We loved to express our ideas thanks to illustrations and art productions, so for us it was a pleasure to take part in this great project! The art exposition was done from September 25th to October 18th.