Team:Shanghai City


Our Goal

Our team aims to encipher message into DNA subsequence and decipher the message by Cas12a protein, primers and PCR technology, which gets a lot advantages including high storage safety, large storage space and long storage time.

Information safety

Common paper-based text or electronic information may be intercepted and cracked, and the information security for commercial interests, national security is critical.
Life information has been stored in DNA for billions of years, and it can also be used as storing and communicating information.
The method of CRISPR Cas12a-Assisted DNA Steganography (CADS) is based on the specific capture of binding primers of Cas12a, which enables the correct information of DNA to be stored in junk and false DNA information, and further enhances the security of key.
Here, we encrypt the information storing in DNA combined with computer science, and we further increase the security of DNA information communication based on CADS. Additionally, DNA information is stored in paper.
DNA has a very high density of information per unit mass, and as the price drops and the speed of DNA reading and writing speeds up, this method has important application value.