Team:Shanghai City

Team name: Shanghai_City

Project description:

Various ways for information storage and transfer had emerged since the invention of first computer in last century. While at the same time, information security gathered more and more attention. Paper based text information or electronic information may be intercepted and hacked easily. Even encrypted message can be decoded quickly by computers. Such situation triggers us to find a safer, faster and more complicated way to encrypt information and to communicate. Life information has been stored in DNA for billions of years, and it can also be used as storing and communicating any information. DNA has a very high density of information per unit mass, and millions of base pair can be stored in a piece paper which is hard to find. CADS, which stands for CRISPR/Cas12a-assisted DNA steganography, is based on the specific capture of binding primers of Cas12a, which enables the correct DNA message to be stored in a large number of confounding ones. In the project, we will further improve CADS by increasing its complexity and store DNA in paper to enhance the difficulty of decryption.