Team:GO Paris-Saclay/Collaborations



Our team enjoyed collaborating during this iGEM 2019 competition!

We co-organized two European meetups:

- InParis European Meetup (Paris, France), in collaboration with the Evry Paris-Saclay, Ionis Paris and Pasteur Paris iGEM teams

- SynBio Gone Viral Meetup (Leuven, Belgium), in collaboration with the KU-Leuven and Aachen iGEM teams

We participated in two projects proposed by iGEM teams:

- The Colony-Picture Project (# 3) of the Marburg iGEM team - Our team took part in their colony picking project which consists in creating an artificial intelligence in order to make a colony picking bot.

- We collaborated with the Vienna iGEM Team on an artistic project aiming to sum up iGEM projects in a 6-pic cartoon Challenge.

We collaborated with the Nantes iGEM team to showcase children's drawings at the « Maison des Hommes et des Techniques » (House of Men and technics) in Nantes (France) (see our Human Practices for further details).

We also proposed the "Haiku: a poetic collaboration" (#56). We offered to other teams the opportunity to collaborate to our project by writing Japanese-style poems called Haikus. These are Japanese poems composed of only 3 sentences of 5 / 7 / 5 syllables, respectively. They classically reflect the fleeting beauty of Life, expressing ephemeral but strong feelings. Since the chassis of our project is a DNA-less cell with a shortened life span, we decided to produce haikus to illustrate our experiments.

We are grateful for the creativity of all the teams that participated: Evry Paris-Saclay, Pasteur, Leiden, Marburg, Vienna, Thessaly and CPU China iGEM teams! Driven by the enthusiasm of our collaborators, the opportunity to write poems was also offered to all scientists that we encountered, for example during the Phage colloquium where we presented a poster.

All these poems are presented in our ‘international wall of haikus’ (

For more details, poems, logos and lovely pictures, please visit the WIKI pages corresponding to these different collaborations!



2019 GO Paris Saclay Team

We are proud to present our project to all our IGEM friends :)