Team:GENAS China



Generally, the relay, the key component of electrical automatic control system, receives the output signal of a control module and thus shifts the ON/OFF state of a separated working module. Based on the recombinase-attB/attP system and unidirectional terminator, we constructed a set of orthogonal Recombinase-Based Biological Relay devices (RBBR), whose response intervals were characterized by accurate quantifying method so that they can be predictably adapted to different genetic circuits. We designed and constructed a resolution extensible analog-digital converter (ADC), which converts the consecutive analog quantities (the strength of an inducible promoter) into discrete digital signals (indicated by different chromoproteins), allowing the digitized processing and storage of signals. Beyond the common use of recombinase system as simple response to two input levels, our project achieves modifying and utilizing the response interval of this system. The application of relay in genetic circuit can contribute to the improvement of the modularity of artificial biological system.