Team:CCA San Diego/Team

Meet the team!

Our team consists of 12 members who are all passionate about synthetic biology! We have many interests, including swimming, karate, earth science, robotics, and more, but it was iGEM that brought us all together.


Christopher Caligiuri

Student Leader

My main work lies in bioengineering, but applying those ideas with the pure biology associated with iGEM allowed for some very exciting, cross-disciplinary ideas. I am very excited to further my interests in the sciences through synthetic biology and genetic engineering.


Emily Kang

Student Leader

Being a part of an iGEM team has not only exposed me to the technical aspects of synthetic biology but also to the thorough process that is required on the human practices end. I am grateful to the iGEM experience for lending me a new perspective on what it really means to practice science. Outside of iGEM, I like to listen to '90s music, particularly from the 1790s.


Andrew Gao

Coding, lab/hardware, outreach

I joined iGEM because I was fascinated with synthetic biology after reading George Church's book Regenesis. iGEM was the perfect way to do get involved firsthand. I enjoyed learning more about genetic engineering and designing a bioreactor. Besides lab work, I enjoy building websites and robots.


Ayush Agrawal

From modeling in MATLAB to contributing to synthetic biology research, iGEM has helped me explore so many areas I'm fascinated by. I have really come to love iGEM, its purpose, and its amazing community. Outside of the iGEM life, I enjoy reading about cool environmental science topics.


Yashasvi Vangala

I've been fascinated by biology, cells, and bacteria for a long time now, ever since I encountered them in picture books and heard stories of hospital patients. One of my favorite parts of iGEM was the summer camp, as I really enjoy teaching young children about biology and its wonders.


Mason Holmes

After becoming interested in bioengineering, I joined iGEM. I participated in outreach and lab. I have learned a lot from the team and it has helped me delve deeper into my interests.


Sanjana Bollapragada

Joining iGEM allowed me to get exposure to the field of synthetic biology. In the future, I look forward to pursuing a career as a physician scientist. Outside of iGEM, I enjoy reading and going on hikes.


Joanne Lee


After reading the book When Breath Becomes Air, I was inspired to pursue a STEM related field, which led me to iGem.


HanMin Kim


I first learned about the iGEM program through a friend, and thought it was a great opportunity to learn more about the topic of synthetic biology, and to widen my horizons in general.


Alex Shahla

Lab, Outreach

I first became interested in oil spills when I learned the harm the Deepwater Horizon spill caused for wildlife, ecosystems, and communities dependent upon the Gulf of Mexico. I was especially galvanized by the pictures of dying pelicans inundated in the toxic oils. When I learned our school’s iGem team was researching about oil spills, I got excited and joined, hoping to make a difference for the ocean and its diverse inhabitants.