Team:CCA San Diego/Hardware



We 3D modeled and designed our own bioreactor for testing with different levels of nitrogen and oxygen and other variables. We drafted a provisional patent, as detailed in our Entrepreneurship page.

More specifically, we developed a bioreactor that utilizes temperature and pressure sensors in order to effectively modulate between the two environments. The first environment requires nitrogen, which promotes anaerobiosis; after bubbling, it maintains a pressurized environment via the use of a pump. The second environment requires oxygen, which also maintains pressure via a pump. The Arduino contains custom designed software that monitors the pressure of the bioreactor and pumps in gas as necessary. It also utilizes a temperature sensor that maintains optimal thermal conditions within the bioreactor. Finally, a dissolved oxygen sensor is used to monitor the oxygen concentration within the bioreactor for aerobic reactions. The vessel itself has two stainless steel caps with a plexiglass vessel. There is an inner component which is the stirring mechanism. If money is a significant constraint, the bioreactor could also be 3D printed.