Team:CCA San Diego/Results


Clones containing the chrysene degradation construct were able to successfully use chrysene for metabolism. Experimental settings were designed so that chrysene was the only available carbon source. As you can see in the graph, whereas the control strain was unable to utilize chrysene as a carbon source, the strain in which Part:BBa K2566006 was cloned is able to metabolize chrysene and grow using chrysene as a sole carbon source. BL21 cells were used in this graph.
HSU-ETCD was assembled into PSB1C3 using Gibson assembly. You can see the Experiments tab for more information on Gibson primers and colony PCR primers that correspond to this part. To measure the amount of hydrogen produced, H2Blue, a reagent that is blue and becomes clear in the presence of dissolved hydrogen, was used; lower OD650 on this graph corresponds to lower levels of blue. Compared to the control strain, the strain in which HSU-ETCD was cloned exhibits higher amounts of hydrogen production. The strain used in this graph is NEB 5alpha.