Team:CCA San Diego/Contribution

Characterization or Contribution

Bronze Medal Criterion #5

Characterization - Standard Tracks: Our team experimentally confirmed that part BBa_K2566006 worked as it degraded chrysene to acetyl-CoA. By doing this, we added quantitative experimental characterization data to an existing Part from the Registry of Standard Biological Parts. Please check out this link for more information on the part.

As a summary, CCA iGEM 2019 used Gibson assembly to clone this part, which we split into three fragments for synthesis. You can see the Experiments tab of CCA_San_Diego 2019's wikifor more information on Gibson primers and colony PCR primers that correspond to this part. Experimental settings were designed so that chrysene was the only available carbon source. As you can see in Figure 1, whereas the control strain was unable to utilize chrysene as a carbon source, the strain in which Part:BBa K2566006 was cloned is able to metabolize chrysene and grow using chrysene as a sole carbon source.