Team:CCA San Diego/Collaborations


Sharing and collaboration are core values of iGEM. Throughout the season, we emphasized and practiced collaboration with other iGEM teams.


We hosted a local iGEM meetup for other local high school teams, specifically iGEM Teams DNHS and TPHS, on October 6th, 2019. The meetup gave each of our teams a wonderful opportunity to both practice our presentations and to mentor (and be mentored) by each other on the common aspects of our projects. For example, the other two teams were able to: advise us in specific lab techniques such as bacterial transformations, troubleshoot some key presentation issues such as organization, identify which topics we should spend more time on, and more. This helped us significantly improve both the technical and presentation aspects of our project. We reciprocated by carefully evaluating their presentations too.

Overall, it was an incredible opportunity to host a meetup with the DNHS and TPHS iGEM teams! It helped all of us troubleshoot our projects, receive some valuable advice from other iGEM members, and spread our knowledge to mentor common aspects of other teams' projects as well. It was also nice to interact and catch up with our fellow local iGEM teams.


Seeking to put our team's diversity to good use in synthetic biology, we partnered with team EVRY from France to translate their synthetic biology introduction comic into Spanish and Portuguese, and collaborated with Team UW (University of Washington) to translate their materials into Korean.