Team:CCA San Diego/Software


Modeling With MATLAB

The software we developed relates to our model, which was created using MATLAB. We had to investigate the use of the SymBio extension, and develop software for modeling our degradation pathways. More information regarding the purpose of this software can be found in the modeling description on our Modeling page.

Programming the Bioreactor

Beyond the modeling software, we had to develop a custom C/C++ application for use with the Arduino board that was used in the bioreactor. It establishes local connections with the onboard sensors and monitors the feedback from them. The temperature sensor that was utilized was the DHT11 Arduino compatible temperature sensor, a custom-designed heater that utilizes a transistor to maintain the flow of current within the heater. A pressure sensor that utilizes a miniature diaphragm pump from Parker with two air channels - one for O2 and one for N2. Based on the feedback, it pumps the O2 and N2 gas into the chamber for reaction, while consistently stirring.

Code release can be found here

Files included:

All the files ending in .sbproj are our MATLAB applications. The directory titled bioreactor bioreactor-main contains all the files necessary to run the bioreactor.