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Jiangyun WANG Xiaohong LIU Chunbo LOU
Primary PI Secondary PI Secondary PI


Fankang MENG


Yang Zheng

Jiao Chang

Zhaoying Pan


Yuanli GAO



Leader Leader Leader

GAO is the most handsome man in this team! He is always seeking to try new things and experience more. He has been driven crazy by the complex circuit design and losing more and more hair since participating in iGEM.

Because of my great curiosity about the mysteries of life, I came UCAS majoring in biological science and joined iGEM team this year and became one of the team leaders. Outside the laboratory, reading, listening to music and watching movie all attract me. And I believe smile can rescue the world.

Devoted to biology, admiring literature, seeking truth in lab, chasing beauty out of lab, she is always spinning around things she loves, but she will never forget to appreciate the scenery and all people she met along her way.

Liangpu WANG

Chutian CHEN


Model Model Hardware & Model

Majoring in computer science, he is surprised to discover the similarity between CS and synthetic biology. To explore more about the similarity and to seek the possibility to combine computer science and synthetic biology, he joined iGEM and participate actively in modeling.

As a student majoring in Physics, Chen Chutian has a great interest in analyzing objects by modeling and simulating. Therefore, he joined iGEM, seeking the chance to have a better understanding of the most amazing system in the world -- the living system. Surely his work is far less awesome comparing to the great work of the Being, but these combinations of small inspirations still bring the sketches of the beauty that emerged from million million million millions of molecules.

Song is in charge of hardware and humor in the team. He is very casual guy who is curious about anything new and wants to try them. He likes to design and process without drawing though that is a bad habit. Already been very crazy about this hardware, he still wants to make a contribution to the field of biology by designing useful machines.


Xinru QIN

Yuning CHEN

Hardware Art Designing Experiment

She is now a sophomore major in computer science. With great curiosity for synthetic biology, she joined the UCAS-China iGEM team, hoping to explore the mystery of life science. Moreover, she happens to have some knowledge about electronic engineering, so she also made contributions to the hardware design in the team.

A struggling materials student. If I hadn't studied materials, I might have studied design. IGEM has given me a great experience of cooperation and study, it felt really good when everyone worked for one target. I aware of my inadequacy and also learned a lot during this period. Wish us luck.

She is a junior majoring in biology in UCAS. With the curiosity of the project design and biological experiment, she joined the UCAS-China iGEM team and participate actively in lab works. In this team, she not only learned about synthetic biology, but also made many friends.

Zhichen GUO

Liangchen ZHUO


Experiment Experiment & Human Practice Experiment & Human Practice

Gradually get used to reversing day and night in the lab, gradually get used to those terrible experimental results, gradually get used to repeating boring experimental operations. But the passion for learning knowledge and skills has never diminished, the love of biology has never diminished, and the hope for the future has never diminished.

Majoring biology, she holds curiosity in many fields of life science. itching to know more about designing lifes, she jointed iGEM and participated actively in lab works and human practice. She not only helps do lab work and design, but also represented our team to communicate ideas with other teams.

Because of the love for biology and curiosity for many aspects of life science, I chose to join iGEM and was responsible for HP and part of experiment. Outside the lab, literature and debate always attract me, however, tasting delicious food delights me most.

Shixin ZHAO

Zhiyuan ZHANG

Experiment & Human Practice Experiment & Human Practice

Majoring in computer science. Interested in both biology and computer, she joined iGEM to seek the mystery of synthetic biology. She mainly attended lab works and human practice. Cooperation with her wonderful teammates, they successfully accomplished a great number of difficult goals they made. Though the annual iGEM grant meeting came to an end, she will keep trying to learn more about synthetic biology and the connection between biology and computer.

Majoring in computer science, I have curiosity about the secrets of life. At the same time, I hold great interest in combining computer technology with biology. iGem aimed to use synthetic biology to design life in order to benefit the mankind which fits right in my goals. I participate in this grand event, working diligently in lab works and human practice. Together with my lovely and brilliant teammates, we hope to make some differences by our joint efforts. Tired though it is, I really learned a lot.