Team:UCAS-China/Human Practices/Overview


We always believe that it is of great importance to view our project from as many different aspects as possible, which can give us the general idea about what the world think about our work and what can we improve to better serve the world.This year, we invited the public, the company, the scientific research personnel, the doctors and patients, the ethics scholars, the legal person all take part in our project when it became fledgling. They were just like different parts of the compass guiding for us. When we tried to put their ideas together and figure out what they all concerned about, like efficacy, safety, public recognition, policy, innovation and ethics, we saw the questions behind these elements. Thus, we got down to make our own answers.See more in COMPASS

What’s more, to make our project more dimensional and closer to the reality, we attempted to write a plan of entrepreneur. See more in ENTREPRENEUR