For Hardware, we developed an innovative electronic capsule, cPlus. Setting functions of diagnosis, treatment assistance, sampling and further imaging, cPlus perfectly fills a vacancy of the industry of medical microdevice. Our Human Practice and Entrepreneur further laid a solid foundation to business and industrial applications.


Our platform, ARK.micro, is promoting the revolution brought by microbial therapy, to the whole biomedical world.

Switch module

Our Thermo-sensitive Switches module enabled precisely control of the therapeutic bacteria. With the high performance and versatility, we developed a “faithful gatekeeper” for basic research, as well as industrial and biomedical applications.

Biosafety module

Our Biosafety module provided solutions and improvements to address any risks that may cause our ARK’s sinking. By developing a cold-inducible kill switch and a “synthetic auxotrophy” with heat-inducible endogenous supplementation, we explored greater potential for our ARK.micro to sail to the real world.

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease was chosen as the sample of long-term medication diseases to prove the universality and unique advantage of microbial therapy. ARK.micro is able to achieve continuous and on-demand drug release, improving the bioavailability of drug molecules and restoring host homeostasis.


Cancer was the next land to be conquered. ARK.micro ultimately adds specificity and efficacy that extends beyond the capabilities of molecular-based therapeutics, shedding light on the unmet clinical problems of traditional therapeutics.