Team:UCAS-China/People/Medal Achievements

Medal Achievements


(1) Register and Attend:

✅We have registered for iGEM and will go to the Giant Jamboree after a wonderful summer.

(2) Deliverables:

✅We have designed a wiki to display our project.

✅We have created a poster to show at the Giant Jamboree.

✅We have prepared presentation to show at the Giant Jamboree.

✅We have completed the judging form.

(3) Attributions:

✅A project attributions page is included in our wiki, which contains information on how team members and other people contributed to our project.(See Attributions)

(4) Characterization/Contribution:

✅We participated in the InterLab study of CCiC.

✅We characterized the performance of TCI42, BBa_K2572001, and TlpA39, BBa_K2572000, by testing their temperature responding curve using flow cytometer this year. See more information from BBa_K2572001and BBa_K2572000.

✅We inserted different number of TAG codon to sfGFP at different site to see the effect of TAG codon to the expression of sfGFP. The result shows that TAG codon can inhibit the transcription of sfGFP effectively. See more information from BBa_I746916.

(5) Project Inspiration and Description

✅We documented the inspiration and description of our project. (See Description)


(1) Validated Part/Validated Contribution

✅ We characterized the performance of TEVts6#, BBa_K2969001, TVMV protease, BBa_K2969006, and PheOH, BBa_K2969025. About TEVts#6, we measured its temperature response curve. About TVMV protease, we measured its cleavage efficiency to CI434-TVMVsite induced by a series of concentrations of IPTG. Finally, about PheOH, we conducted kinetic analysis and got its kinetic parameters.

✅We submitted our part collection and well characterized the function of the system. (See Part Collection)

(2) Collaboration

✅We attend the Conference of China iGEMer Community (CCiC), Chongqing Meetup held by BM-AMU iGEM team and meet up held by BIT-China team.

✅We also did many other collaboration works with other teams. (See Collaborations)

(3) Human Practices

✅We considered the public concerns of microbial therapy and made our voice heard by more people in a creative way. (See Human Practices)


(1) Integrated Human Practices

✅We deeply explore the efficacy, safety, public recognition, policy, innovation and ethics issues of microbial therapies, which inspired and prompted the design of our project. (See Human Practices)

✅We wrote a plan of entrepreneur to make our project more dimensional and closer to the reality. (See Human Practices)

(2) Improve a Previous Part or Project

✅ We improved the function of CI434, BBa_C0056, by constructing CI434ts-TEVsite, BBa_K2969020, and characterized their function correspondingly. (See Improve)

(3) Model Your Project

✅We continuously modeled many aspects of our project and the results provided suggestions on our experiments and hardware design. (See Model)

(4) Demonstration of Your Work

✅We connected the modules in our project together to provide solutions for Parkinson's disease and cancer, and demonstrated our project. (See Demonstrate)