Team:UCAS-China/Human Practices



After many brainstormings and researches, we identified the theme of our project this year – constructing an efficient temperature-sensitive switch system as a safe platform for microbial therapy.

In order to have a more comprehensive understanding of the current state of microbial therapy use, we have conducted a large number of data searches and have a preliminary understanding of microbial therapy related drugs. After obtaining these data, we try to make them more fresh. Live, through dialogue with the public, we know the public's understanding of microbial therapy, and what microbial therapy looks like in their eyes; through the field visits of microbial therapy companies, we understand their prospects for the development of microbial therapy. Expected and some obstacles encountered at present; through talks with researchers, we have learned about microbial therapy from a technical level; through communication with doctors, we understand some conditions that microbial therapy related drugs are accepted by doctors and patients.Safety and effectiveness occur frequently in these conversations.

After interacting with them, we realized what we might be able to do for the development of microbial therapies. Our project tried to solve some of the problems they mentioned and made microbial therapies better.At the same time, we know that the protection of ethical issues and laws and regulations is the necessary factor for every technology to be touched and benefited from the laboratory to the public. Therefore, we interviewed some ethics scholars and legal experts.We also hope that we can make some efforts to make up for the gaps in the laws and regulations and ethics on microbial therapy, so we put forward some suggestions.

Volkswagen, companies, researchers, doctors and patients, ethics scholars, legal persons, and the six-in-one make our projects connect with the world, and it is the exchange with them that makes our projects perfect.Of course, we are also very grateful to other teams for their support, and their exchanges have made us better.Finally, we hope that more microbial therapies will benefit from our platform ARK.micro, so we wrote a business plan and hope to promote the business and industrial application of our platform in the near future.


From meet-up to bioethics discussion group, from undergraduate team to high school team, from the beginning of our project to the completion stage, we always sought opportunities to share ideas with other team and learn from the collaboration with them.

From primary school to summer camp for high school students from all over China, from future biological explorers to students majoring life science, we devoted to education and shared ideas to spark new curiosity of synthetic biology.

From “3 Minutes for Science” competition to questionnaires designed for let the public know more about bacterial therapy, from interviews with scientists from Chinese Academic of Science to collaboration with companies,doctors and ethics scholars, we devoted to making our voice heard by more people outside the lab.


Like many iGEM teams, we focused on collaboration and communication with other teams since it is of great importance to share ideas with others to improve our projects and only when unite can we convey the spirits of iGEM better. More.


From primary school to summer camp for high school students from all over China, from future biological explorers to students from non-biology-relating majors. We shared ideas to spark new curiosity of synthetic biology. More.

Public Engagement

We provide the public with some content that will help them to fully understand life sciences, such as microbe painting to stimulate their love of life sciences; science for three minutes, easy to understand knowledge; survey for the public, let the public see the real meeting The impact of their decision on the development of synthetic biology. More.


We always believe that it is of great importance to view our project from as many as possible different aspects, which can give us the general idea about what the world think about our work and what can we improve to better serve the world.This year, we invited the public, the company, the scientific research personnel, the doctors and patients, the ethics scholars, the legal person all to take part in our project when it became fledgling. They were just like different parts of the compass guiding for us.

When we tried to put their ideas together and figure out what they all concerned about, like efficacy, safety, public recognition, policy, innovation and ethics, we saw the questions behind these elements. Thus, we got down to make our own answers.What’s more, to make our project more dimensional and closer to the reality, we attempted to write a plan of entrepreneur.


How we talk to the world, the public, the company, the scientific research personnel, the doctors and patients, the ethics scholars, the legal person, the six in one, made our project connect with the world, and it is the communication with them that made our project perfect.After listening to people from all walks of life, we tried to view them as a whole to help us see what elements are valued most by them thus improving our project by answering the questions behind them. We are doing our best to make the future of microbiology therapy even brighter. More.


How can we present our project to the world better and let more people get contact with it? We made a plan of entrepreneur. This may help us to introduce our project to the world in another aspect and make it more complete. More.