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Learn how our initiatives will tackle the sugar problem and unleash a new generation of biosensing devices

Sweet Spirulina! Read about DipGene

Sweet Spirulina!

A small solution for a big problem!

The aim of this project is to express the sweet-tasting berry miraculin in the algae Spirulina

Spirulina is a cyanobacteria commonly used in the food industry because of its rich nutrient contents. NASA has stated that the nutritional value of 1 kg of Spirulina equals to 1000 kg of fruit and vegetables, so they use it as a food supplement for astronauts.

Miraculin is known to be a sweet-taste modifier thanks to its property of binding to the sweet receptors in the tongue. By expressing miraculin in Spirulina we aim to produce a healthy food supplement that enhances the natural sweet taste of all foods without adding sugars.

We offer a solution for sugar-excess related disorders like obesity and diabetes, which are becoming serious problems in our time

A quick and easy method to perform DNA based diagnostics!

With a recently developed fast and easy DNA extraction method, nucleic acids can be bound to a cellulose paper by dipping directly into a raw cell lysate. The bound DNA will be transferred to a solution containing a fusion protein of Cas9 and a reporter, which will bind to sequence specific zones.

Upon exposure to the reporter substrate, a visual color-readout can be obtained, revealing the presence of any DNA-sequence of interest to be readily tested in the field in less than a minute.

The aim of this project is to develop sequence specific DNA detection tool


Supercharging DNA biosensors to a myriad of applications


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