David lives and breathes iGEM. You will find him in the lab at any hour of the day. If he's not there, he's either doing Anki or producing our daily meme content.

David Schramm 🇨🇦


2nd Year Biochemistry, St Peter's College

Tasha is the ultimate coordinator, bringing the team together with her manifold consultancy skills and uplifting aura. She has the ability to appear graceful and effortless, even when everything is falling apart. Her side hustle is being our impromptu bike mechanic.

Natasha Cooke 🇬🇧


2nd Year Biochemistry, St Edmund Hall

Abi has limitless amounts of patience and organisation, keeping us on track with deadlines. She also designed our beautiful wiki, painstakingly debugging it line by line.

Abigail Goodship 🇬🇧

Operations Officer

1st Year Biomedical Sciences, Lincoln College

Jonathan is a jack of all trades - his affinity for code guides him to the wiki (where he rules over GitHub like a god) and modelling while his biochemical tendencies gets him in the lab. Just never for PCR or coldroom work.

Jonathan Chan 🇳🇿

Publications Officer

1st Year Biochemistry, St Hilda's College

Calin brings a unique spirit to the lab. A true perfectionist, he heroically persevered with the electroporation of L. reuteri and was crucial in its eventual success.

Calin Dragoi 🇷🇴

Wet-Lab Coordinator & Safety

2nd Year Biochemistry, Corpus Christi College

Dani has had a hand in pretty much everything from the modelling to wiki to protein purification. He is an extremely hard worker and was instrumental in our steady progress in the lab.

Dániel Felföldi 🇭🇺

Wet-Lab Coordinator & Secretary

1st Year Biochemistry, Merton College

Kathy has brought her eye for design to the team, designing our presentations and posters with flair. She can talk to anyone and has connected us with a plethora of interesting people.

Katharina Novikov 🇩🇪/🇷🇺

Human Practices Officer

1st Year Biological Sciences, Brasenose College

Single handedly steered us elegantly through the murky waters of modelling. An all round queen and lover of iced caramel latte. Her only flaw is her crazy sleep schedule.

Minakshi Ashok 🇮🇳

Modelling Leader

2nd Year Engineering, Trinity College

Quentin is our resident chemist who is baffled by everything in the lab other than mass spec. He also has a passion for English (which is odd considering he is a Frenchman) and often indulges it as our unofficial proof reader.

Quentin Guéroult 🇫🇷


2nd Year Chemistry, St Peter's College