Team:Aalto-Helsinki/Public Engagement




Our team has been comprehensive in engaging the public and educating them about synthetic biology. In practice, this was accomplished by organizing and attending numerous events as well as reaching out through external communication channels.

We interacted with people yet unaware about synthetic biology by organizing and hosting a day full of workshops for over 1000 visitors – from young toddlers to senior citizen – in the biggest Science Center in Finland, Heureka. Additionally, we recorded and released a podcast series on a well-known media platform aiming to educate people about synthetic biology, in which we discussed current hot topics in the field with professionals.

In addition, we have organized presentations and workshops for high school and University students, where we have encouraged them to start their own iGEM team and educated them about synthetic biology. We have presented our project to international public in various events including BioBusiness Builder event, European Biotech Week and BioFinland Pitching Competition. Together with iGEM Aboa, we took part in organizing and planning the opening event for a brand new an open GMO lab available for students and researchers called BioGarage.