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Characterization or Contribution

Bronze Medal Criterion #5

Characterization - Standard Tracks: Convince the judges that you have added quantitative experimental characterization data to an existing Part from the Registry of Standard Biological Parts. Clearly document the experimental characterization on the Part's Main Page on the Registry (see the Registry Document Parts page for instructions). The part that you are characterizing must NOT be from a 2019 part number range. It is acceptable to add new data to an already highly characterized part. Please see the Measurement Resources page for more information about experimental characterization data. Sample submission is not required.

You should list the part(s) you characterized for this medal criterion on this page and include links to the part's Registry pages, but all data must be added to the Part's Main Page on the Registry.

Contribution - Special Tracks: Document on your team wiki at least one new substantial contribution to the iGEM community that showcases a project related to BioBricks. This contribution should be central to your project and equivalent in difficulty to characterizing a BioBrick Part.