Our vision is to give everyone the chance for affordable therapeutic protein treatment by hindering the unbearable increase of biopharmaceutical selling prices. We have created a product and a business plan for a non-profit organization, called Sampo Biotechnologies, to fight this issue. In our extensive business plan, we have presented and evaluated necessary information needed in order to start a business. Our business plan provides a framework for how our product should be implemented to have an effect on the pricing of biopharmaceuticals.

Our product, VibXPresso together with our consultation services will be pioneering in applying a new protein expression system in the pharmaceutical industry. The organization is based in Espoo, Finland, and run by our team with expertise in microbiology, molecular biosciences, chemistry, translational medicine, bioentrepreneurship, design, and bioinformatics. The organization utilized the effort of university students, life sciences professionals and industry partners to execute daily tasks.

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Furthermore, our team has showed entrepreneurial spirit by attending several events. We have pitched to investors at a pitching event for startups and attended a pitching competition, where we were placed amongst the finalists. We have collaborated with iGEm teams from UNSW, KU Leuven and UBC to create a globally applicable business scaffold. This scaffold has been sent to and filled in by numerous iGEM teams to help them develop their idea into a commercial product.

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