The world relies on therapeutic proteins

But increasing prices, manufacturing inefficiency, and growing demand are challenges in protein production

We found a solution in Vibrio natriegens

Our solution

Inspired by the possibilities that V. natriegens offers, our team Aalto-Helsinki is determined to take on the challenge of improving the bacterium’s protein expression and secretion.

Recombinant proteins are widely used in biomedical research and pharmaceutical industry. Several methods for protein production have been established during the past decades providing aid for millions of people. However, even with today’s technologies, improved efficacy is urgent as the demand for recombinant proteins is only increasing - it has been estimated that within the next 10 years half of all medicine will be biopharmaceutical, including recombinant proteins.

Our iGEM project aims to tackle these challenges by improving the next-generation synthetic biology chassis organism Vibrio natriegens. Hence the name of our project VibXPresso - Vibrio natriegens with Xtreme PRotein Expression and Secretion Optimization.

Read more about our project in Project Description page!