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Medal Criteria

Every iGEM team strives for the honor of this competition, which is the medal. Here we present the tables that contain all the criteria for Bronze, Silver, and Gold. We clearly and honestly interpret what have been achieved for each medal.

Bronze Description Achievement
Registration and Giant Jamboree Attendance

Our team registration application was accepted on 25/03/2019.

Competition Deliverables

We have completed the following deliverables on time:

#1 Wiki

#2 Poster

#3 Presentation

#4 Judging Form


Detailed interpretation of all works done by our team members, supervisors, and other peoples that helped us to achieve our project goal.

Project Inspiration and Description

Detailed illustration with pictures for page ‘Project Inspiration and Description’.

Characterization/ Contribution

Our team completed the characterization of previous part named FtnA (BBa_K3033014) and interpreted the information in registry page. We carried out three experiments for quantitative and qualitative data analysis. The 1st experiment is about the protein expression of FtnA in different E.coli strains. 2nd experiment is measurement of FtnA expression under different arabinose concentration. The 3rd experiment is the migration of different E.coli strains with same parameters.

All Bronze criteria have been met, plus all Silver criteria including Validated Part, Collaboration, and Human Practices. All criteria were met and illustrated briefly below:

Silver Description Achievement
Validated Part / Validated Contribution

We constructed the new BioBrick part named NSP4 (Tyrosinase Secretable tyrosinase system) no. BBa_K3033023 to enable the engineered E. coli secreting tyrosinase by itself as the second feature of SANCE. The induced secretion of tyrosinase can further activate the sticky protein complex to capture the nanoparticle.


We established the collaboration by mentoring the local high school 2019iGEM team Pui Ching_Macau. We invited them on our trip to Macau WWTP to learn how do these plants help to clean and purify wastewater. vAnd in lab works, we presented them the specific operations in plasmid construction and protein secretion. By offering them the mentoring in lab works, they were able to successfully construct the induction system for their target protein Lac1326 and protein K863030 proteins with our NSP4 sequence.

Human Practices

We designed and conducted the human practices to establish the two-way dialogue with associated stakeholders, alleviate the concerns about GMO safety, and exploring the sustainability of SANCE. The related interviews, questionnaires and inter-team communications were conducted.

All Silver criteria have been met, plus three Gold criteria including Integrated Human Practices, Modeling, and Demonstration. All criteria were met and illustrated briefly below:

Gold Description Achievement
Integrated Human Practices

To further ensure the engineered E. coli has no possibility to be released into the environment, we proposed a GMO contamination controlling system together with our lab members by combining the current sterilization stage in the WWTP in Macau with the accessional feature of our SANCE which enabled immobilization of SANCE by accessional magnetic field.

Improve a Previous Part or Project

We did not perform experiment for this criteria.

Model Your Project

The modeling is separated into 2 parts:

  1. Predict how long time would the SANCE take to capture all nanoparticle in both experiment and real condition.
  2. Simulating real condition with different parameters for the potential developers to design suitable tank used in wastewater treatment plant to optimize the real application of SANCE.
Demonstration of Your Work

In order to examine the performance and survival of SANCE in the real water sample, we collected the water samples from three different local spots and the functional assay and survival assay under AgNP and ZnO attacking were performed. Positive results were collected to prove and ensure the performance of SANCE in the real water samples.




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