Team:UM Macau

Self-Activating Nanoparticle Collector E.coli


Gold Medal

Nomination in Best Part Collection


Our project SANCE will be targeting on the nanoparticle pollution, an unneglectable issue facing by coast-like cities including Macau. We aim to engineer a controllable nanoparticle collector microorganism. We hypothesize that our modified E.coli bacteria expressing the adhesive fusion protein on its cell surface that would be able to collect nanoparticle targets, through which, we will be able to help to solve the current issue of excessive suspended solids in Macau wastewater treatment process. Through this project, we aim to achieve a more efficient nanoparticles elimination technique and thereby enhance the awareness of Macau residents in water source protection.

Current Problem: Nanoparticle Pollution

With the emergence and rapid development of nanotechnology, nanoparticles have been widely used in many field that closely related to our daily life. However, nanoparticles could bring severe adverse effects to ecosystem and human health.

Project Inspiration

Our project is inspired by the capability of a sticky protein named Mefp-5 expressed on the foot of mussel which make it able to attach on almost all surface. We take the 'Special sticky characteristic' as the main feature in our project to solve the problem.

Our Solution

Our team was motivated to establish an effective nanoparticles removing model named SANCE. Its capability in collecting nanoparticles would potentially be applied in wastewater treatment plant to remove harmful nanopollutants.



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