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UM_Macau & Pui Ching_Macau

iGEM 2019 Team Pui Ching_Macau is a team formed by high school students from Macau. Due to the lab facilities limitations, they conducted most of their lab works at the University of Macau. And the advantages in the distance gave us wonderful opportunities to share ideas. Both of us two teams are participating in the iGEM2019 as our first time. We contacted iGEM2019 Pui Ching team and established close friendship and mentorship.

We invited them on our trip to Macau WWTP to learn how do these plants help to clean and purify wastewater. The discussion after the visiting left them impressions on how to conduct a proper interview. By exchanging ideas, we also helped them in project design of how to achieve the practical application of their project targeting endocrine-disrupting chemicals in wastewater.

In lab works, we presented them the specific operations in plasmids construction and protein secretion. As in plasmids construction, we demonstrated by practice that how to perform the transformation of bacteria, gel running for electrophoresis and PCR preparation. As in protein secretion, two of their target proteins are Lac1326 and K863030. And the secretion of these two proteins needs an induction system, which is similar to the tyrosinase secretion system constructed by us as the second feature of our product SANCE. By offering them the mentoring in lab works, they were able to successfully construct the induction system for protein Lac1326 and protein K863030 proteins with our NSP4 sequence.



iGEM 2019 UM_Macau