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Parts Collection

This parts collection serves as a toolbox for the expression of lignin-degrading enzymes in Pichia pastoris. Their cloning in the pPICZαB-vector places the α-secretion factor directly upstream to the N-terminus of the respective coding sequence. Therefore, desired enzymes will be secreted in the supernatant when expressed. Also, a 2A self-cleaving peptide is utilised to coexpress two proteins from one mRNA. This can be done either to express two lignin-degrading enzymes in one culture or to easily evaluate enzyme production by means of an added reporter gene like eGFP.

The purpose of this collection is to enable future iGEM teams to effectively express lignin degrading enzymes in Pichia pastoris. Furthermore, these BioBricks can be used to assess the efficiency of various enzyme mixtures to degrade lignin. A major application of the system is that it can be generalised for other enzymes that need to be produced in a eukaryotic expression system.

# Name Type Description
1 BBa_K3105668 Basic Part Horseradish peroxidase
2 BBa_K3105667 Basic part Aryl-alcohol oxidase
3 BBa_K3105684 Composite part Expression construct HRP
4 BBa_K3105685 Composite part Expression construct AAO
5 BBa_K3105683 Composite part Expression construct Glox
6 BBa_K3105682 Composite part Expression construct MnP
7 BBa_K3105669 Basic part F2A
8 BBa_K3105670 Basic part eGFP
9 BBa_K3105677 Composite part Expression construct HRP-2A-eGFP
10 BBa_K3105680 Composite part Expression construct HRP-2A-AAO